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"It's unusual to find anyone whose commitment to participation is both realistic & born of conviction & even more so an organisation with the skills & experience to facilitate it so well." 

Dr. Chris High - Lecturer in Sustainable Systems - The Open University

FORMED in 1996, Catcher Media are an award winning specialist media company dedicated to improving lives through digital technology, participation and creativity. We provide video and web services to enable children, young people and adults to learn about and communicate important social and health messages.

ABOUT US:  See some of work and approach. We specialise in Education, Health , Environmental and Heritage projects.

SERVICES: Find out what we can offer you and your organisation.

STUDIO: A behind the scenes look at our working methods.

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Pamela Sheridan Award 

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Take a look at some behind the scenes pictures, evaluation videos and more. If you're working with us at the minute we'd like to hear your feedback. Check out the progress of your projects. Add your comments.


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